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The Fantastic Floor’s Sustainability Practices

At The Fantastic Floor, we pride ourselves in offering flooring brands with high standards when it comes to sustainability. Many of the brands we carry are manufactured by certified advocates of sustainable materials; they are eco-friendly and have low VOC finishes and glues to minimize the impact of indoor air pollution and mitigate health problems. Being green is important to us and with our “Green Commitment,” you can shop confidently.

Here is some information about the options we offer for sustainable green-friendly choices in flooring:

Sustainable Exotic Hardwood

We pride ourselves in selecting only legally harvested wood products. Our exotic importers offer Forest Stewardship Council certified materials and are certified under the source country’s laws. Both our Paraguay Collection and Brazil Collection are certified by government rules through the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and National Parks (IBAMA). The Brazilian government has made enormous strides in the fight against illegal logging. The US government has conservation laws in place as well — The Lacey Act mandates that all imported products must have proof that they came from legal sources.

CARB Phase 2 Compliant

The California Air Resources Board passed legislation in 2007 to reduce formaldehyde emissions in composite wood products. All the flooring in our prefinished engineered collection and our unfinished engineered collection are CARB Phase 2 Compliant.

Reclaimed & Renewable Materials

There are plenty of choices in flooring and some are simply more “green” than others.

  • Bamboo flooring is a fast-growing grass that regenerates without seeding and reaches full maturity in 3-6 years. Our Bamboo Collection offers a variety of colors and styles that are beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Cork flooring is harvested from the bark of the tree so the cork tree forests are left standing. The bark fully grows back within 5 to 8 years which makes cork a renewable, biodegradable alternative that has minimal waste when produced into flooring. Our Cork Collection has traditional and contemporary options in all sorts of colors. Cork is also softer than hardwood, as well as a thermal and acoustic insulator, which means that rooms with cork flooring are naturally warm and quiet.
  • Reclaimed flooring is a great way to incorporate eco-friendly materials into your home. The old term “renew, reuse & recycle” is perfect for reclaimed flooring. The wood flooring is created from sources that do not require trees to be cut down, so the hardwood is taken from old homes, barns, or rivers and lakes. The big advantage of reclaimed wood flooring is that it is often more durable because it is old-growth wood which is denser and harder. We have some truly beautiful rustic reclaimed flooring options in our Reclaimed Green Certified Collection. Consider a reclaimed floor to give old wood life, preserve history and be eco-friendly.


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