Spotted Gum

Technical species specifications for Spotted Gum Hardwood Flooring from Fantastic Floor – Discount Exotic and Domestic Hardwood Flooring, Prefinished Solid Flooring, Unfinished Solid Flooring and Engineered Flooring.
The Spotted Gum trees are easily recognizable by their characteristic tall, straight trunk and smooth, mottled bark. The “mottling” is created by the shedding of irregular flakes of older, weathered, dark grey bark and exposing the new lighter colored bark underneath.
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Scientific Name, Other Names:
Spotted Iron Gum, Iron Gum, Lemon-scented Gum, Eucalyptus maculata
The species is sometimes known as Spotted Iron Gum, due to the nature of the timber, which is very dense with excellent mechanical properties. The raw timber has a slightly greasy feel, a property which is well regarded and utilized in tool handles. Spotted Gum is an important commercial tree in Queensland that produces a high quality, hard, durable and attractive timber. Currently, Spotted Gum is the highest volume native hardwood harvested in Queensland and has been used for construction, engineering appearance products and round timbers. Spotted Gum timber has a well-established market and is in demand both nationally and internationally. Between May and September, the crowns of Spotted Gums can be covered with flowers, creating a great deal of interest for bees which produce Spotted Gum honey.
Heavy construction use especially where shock resistance is important: flooring, tool handles, poles, furniture.
Janka Hardness:
Strength (MOR):
Stiffness (MOE):
Density (KG/m3):
Tangential Shrinkage:
9.9 %
Radial Shrinkage:
6.3 %
Corymbia maculata (formerly Eucalyptus maculata)
Tree Characteristics:
100-165 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter
Geographic Area:
Australia – Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland; native forests and plantations.
The heartwood color range is quite broad from very pale browns through to very dark browns. Some samples may have a slightly orange tint in the lighter variations. The sapwood is distinctly paler.
The grain is often interlocked and generally features some fiddleback figure. This wavy type grain may be quite distinctive. Gum veins are common.
Moderately coarse
Drying Characteristics:
Working Characteristics:
Spotted Gum wood machines well due to its natural greasiness. Fixing is straightforward with the use of standard fittings and fastenings. It readily accepts paint, stain, and polish.
Durability Rating:
Very durable with excellent wood properties including high density, hardness, and strength.
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