Technical species specifications for Maple Hardwood Flooring from Fantastic Floor – Discount Exotic and Domestic Hardwood Flooring, Prefinished Solid Flooring, Unfinished Solid Flooring and Engineered Flooring.
Maple hardwood flooring is a bright, attractive and classic hardwood standard in the United States, celebrated as the state tree of Wisconsin, Vermont, West Virginia, and New York. The light, pale tone of maple hardwood flooring accentuates the light of any room, both brightening the room while simultaneously making it appear more expansive. The yellowish-brown heartwood is accompanied by tones that are sometimes tinged with reddish-brown. Maple hardwood flooring has a fine, uniform texture and is incredibly strong and shock resistant, with particular resistance to abrasion and wear, making a maple floor a beauty that you will be able to enjoy in your home for years to come.
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Scientific Name, Other Names:
Acer spp, Ahorn, Erable, European maple, Field maple, Bird’s Eye maple, Black maple, Canadian maple, Curly maple, Fiddleback maple, Hard maple, Rock maple, Sugar maple, White maple, Bigleaf maple, Broadleaf maple, Oregon maple, Pacific Coast maple, Western maple, Silver maple, Soft maple, White maple, Ashleaf maple, Boxelder, Manitoba maple
Maple hardwood flooring is a versatile and popular choice on the market with a wide range of sizes, colors, and surface treatments to choose from. Fantastic Floor offers Maple hardwood flooring from 3/8″ to 3/4″ thick, 1 1/2″ to 7 1/2″ wide, and random length from 1′ to 7′. Maple hardwood flooring is available prefinished and unfinished in both solid and engineered flooring formats. Maple hardwood flooring can be used for a casual, formal, or contemporary look. Many of our engineered products are FSC certified. Maple prefinished wallpanels are also available in a variety of shades which add a striking accent to any room.
Hardwood Flooring, furniture, bowling pins, turnery, distillation, veneer, crossties, pallets, woodenware, dance floors, piano frames. Please note, unfinished Maple Flooring is sold in open, strapped bundles and not sold in boxes. Prefinished solid Maple flooring and prefinished Engineered Maple flooring are sold in boxes. Maple flooring must be purchased in full bundles or boxes. Box and bundle sizes may vary.
Janka Hardness:
Strength (MOR):
Stiffness (MOE):
Density (KG/m3):
Tangential Shrinkage:
9.9 %
Radial Shrinkage:
4.8 %
Tree Characteristics:
The Maple tree can grow to about 120 feet with a diameter of about 3 feet.
Geographic Area:
Maple trees grow throughout North America
Maple has reddish-brown heartwood with a white sapwood that can have a reddish-brown tinge.
Maple hardwood flooring darkens slightly with age
Maple wood has a medium luster but Maple hardwood flooring can be found with finishes that range from a low matte to a high gloss.
Maple wood typically has a straight grain, but you can also see “curly,” fiddleback,” or “birds-eye” grain patterns.
Maple wood has a fine and uniform texture while Maple hardwood flooring can be finished in a number of ways to provide a choice of flooring surface ranging from smooth to wirebrushed to handscraped, or a combination thereof.
Drying Characteristics:
Maple wood is rated as easy to dry. It is best to acclimate engineered Maple fooring for 1 week and solid Maple flooring for 2 weeks prior to installation.
Working Characteristics:
Maple wood turns well, has a good ability to hold nails, polishes well, and glues moderately well. It is important to keep relative humidity levels in the home between 35% and 50% when installing any hardwood floor including Maple hardwood flooring.
Durability Rating:
Maple wood is rated as slightly resistant to heartwood decay. Maple hardwood flooring is strong and durable and beautifully complements cabinets and other wood work in the home.