Technical species specifications for Lapacho Hardwood Flooring from Fantastic Floor – Discount Exotic and Domestic Hardwood Flooring, Prefinished Solid Flooring, Unfinished Solid Flooring and Engineered Flooring.
Lapacho hardwood flooring, a Paraguayan Ipe, is incredibly durable. Its dense cell structure serves as a natural deterrent to insects, decay, and molds, ensuring that a Lapacho floor will last quite a while. More than just durable, Lapacho wood is also very pleasing to the eye. With a Class A fire rating, Lapacho hardwood occupies the same class of fire-retardant materials as steel. For durability, safety, and beauty, Lapacho floors make an excellent choice.
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Scientific Name, Other Names:
Tabebuia spp, Yellow Ipe, Brazilian Ebony, Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood, Irontree, Tajibo, Guayacan, Lapacho, Arcwood
Fantastic Floor offers Lapacho flooring exclusively in the prefinished format. The boards are 3/4″ thick with available widths between 3″ to 5″ and random lengths from 1′ – 7′. Our prefinished Lapacho flooring is available exclusively in clear grade.
Lapacho hardwood flooring, railroad crossties, heavy construction, decorative veneers, tool handles, turnery, industrial flooring, decking, furniture. Please note, unfinished Lapacho flooring is sold in open, strapped bundles and not in boxes. Prefinished solid Lapacho flooring and prefinished engineered Lapacho flooring are sold in boxes. Lapacho hardwood flooring must be purchased in full bundles or boxes. Box and bundles sizes may vary.
Janka Hardness:
Strength (MOR):
Stiffness (MOE):
Density (KG/m3):
Tangential Shrinkage:
8.0 %
Radial Shrinkage:
6.6 %
Tree Characteristics:
The Lapacho Tree can grow to 140 to 150 feet heigh while the diameter of its trunk can measure up to 6 feet. The average height and diameter for the Ipe tree is 100 feet and 2 to 3 feet, respectively.
Geographic Area:
Lapacho trees grow in Central and South America.
The heartwood of Lapacho ranges from olive-brown to near black, though it can have lighter or darker markings that are sharply separated from Lapacho’s yellower sapwood.
Lapacho Ipe’s coloration is not greatly affected by light exposure.
Lapacho is a low-luster wood with an oily appearance.
Lapacho’s grain is straight to very irregular.
Raw Lapacho hardwood has a fine-to-medium texture. Lapacho hardwood flooring can be finished to yield a smooth surface.
Drying Characteristics:
Lapacho air dries rapidly, exhibiting only minor warping and checking. It is best to acclimate engineered Lapacho flooring for 1 week and solid Lapacho flooring for 2 weeks prior to installation.
Working Characteristics:
Lapacho is rated as moderately difficult to work with, as it blunts cutting edges. It finishes smoothly with the exception of roey portions in the wood. It is important to keep relative humidity levels in the home between 35% and 50% before, during, and after installing Lapacho hardwood floors.
Durability Rating:
Lapacho is an unbelievably durable and hard wood species; highly resistant to fungus and termites. This species is a particulary excellent choice for industrial-application flooring as a result of its hardness, durability, and shock-resistant properties.