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Cleaning Schedule for Wood Floors

Ways To Make Hardwood Floors Shine

HAPPY SPRING! Spring time means it is time for spring cleaning! Let’s chat about the ideal cleaning schedule.


Dust – For any floor whether it is engineeredsolid, or laminate using a duster daily (or every other day) is the best way to keep up on your maintenance. I suggest just using a Swifter Sweeper. A quick once over to get all the hair, dirt, dust, and debris.


Vacuum – Make sure you’re using an attachment or setting that is made specifically for hardwood! Doing that will prevent getting scratches or damaging the floor. Doing this once a week makes sure to get rid of all of the debris and dust on your floor.


Mop – Probably not the type of mop that you’re thinking of when you see the word. Mopping wood floors is a little different. Water and wood do not mix well and putting too much water on the floor can cause damage. Simply use a dry microfiber mop and a spray bottle to lightly mist the floor. Only use a product if it is labeled for hardwood floors! Urethane finished floors can use PH balanced hardwood floor / laminate cleaners but Oil floors require using a natural oil soap. Be mindful that you are using the correct cleaner or it can void your warranty. Here is some more information on the differences between oil and urethane finished floors.

Every 10 to 15 years:

Refinish – Hire an expert to give your floor the love and care it deserves! It will look almost brand new!

Keep up on your floor maintenance and you will have fantastic floors for years to come!

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