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Natural Wood Flooring - Oil Finish vs. Urethane

The Fantastic Floor proudly offers solid and engineered wood flooring for clients looking to upgrade their home. We are dedicated to excellence in both product and customer service, which is why we’re pleased to provide the following tips on oil and urethane finishing.

Both finishing methods stem from two different approaches to wood. Oil finish permeates the wood, fortifying and sealing each fiber. Urethane protects the wood by creating a plastic-like barrier over it. With an oiled floor, you’re walking on the surface of the treated wood, whereas with urethane, there is a protective layer between your feet and the wood flooring.

While there are pros and cons to each method, the best decision will be made by considering how the floor will be used, maintained and cleaned.

Pros of Urethane Finished Floors

Urethane has been the most common finish for many years, as it is well known for its extreme durability. Many of the top hardwood flooring manufacturers use urethane with aluminum oxide, which lends another element of protection. A typical urethane floor has 9 to 11 coats of finish on every plank for ultimate strength.

This highly durable coating on the wood makes urethane finished floors extremely easy to clean using a simple regimen of sweeping and mopping with an approved wood floor cleaner.

Cons of Urethane Finished Floors

Interestingly, the durability of the urethane finish is also its primary downside. Should a scratch or gouge be deep enough to break through the finish, which will most likely happen at some point, especially in instances of extensive use and activity (pets, children, parties, etc.) it can be difficult to re-coat. The method of repair will either m...

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By Nathalie Lindsay, 03/18/19

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Flooring | The Fantastic Floor

The Fantastic Floor has always taken pride in providing the highest quality options and customer service in US flooring. We’ve got whatever you’re looking for, from wide plank floors and cork flooring to laminates and vinyls, and we’re always happy to help you clarify the best option for your individual needs and taste. Today, we’ll break down what you need to know when choosing affordable or discount hardwood flooring.

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A Quick Overview...

If you’re shopping for new hardwood floors and you’ve done your hardwood homework, you probably noticed that hardwood flooring comes in two different varieties: engineered and solid. Essentially, solid hardwood is precisely what it sounds like: a solid plank of hardwood that is either prefinished floor or unfinished floor and cut into specific board sizes.

Engineered hardwood is flooring that is composed of multiple (3 to 12) ply layers that have been cross-layered, glued down, and pressed together. A layer of species-specific hardwood is then laid on top, creating the appearance of a solid board.

Factors to Consider:


On the surface, solid and engineered hardwoods may be difficult to differentiate, yet they provide their own individual advantages and disadvantages. You can choose between a prefinished floor or unfinished floor option for either, but it’s important to think beyond aesthetics when finalizing your decision.

In general, engineered hardwoods are much more ...

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By Nathalie Lindsay, 03/09/19